Speak To Google+

Version 2.4.1 of Speak Here Now has just been published to the Play Store. This update expands the default built-in commands you can use to the following:

Built-in Commands:
"TWEET" + [what you're tweeting]: sends a tweet through Twitter
"REMEMBER" + [task to remember]: adds that task to your Remember The Milk
"LISTEN TO" + [song or artist]: same as Google's Voice Search
"SETTINGS" + "Turn Google Plus on": Open Google+ after you tweet
"SETTINGS" + "Turn Google Plus off": Don't open Google+ after you tweet
"SETTINGS" + "Set default action to" + [COMMAND]: always use this command, so you don't have to say it anymore
"SETTINGS" + "Clear default action": Clears the default action

You can read more about Speak Here Now here.
You can download the app here.