Introducing the Speak Here Now Platform

I'm happy to announce that a new version of Speak Here Now is out on the Android Market, and with it comes the Speak Here Now Platform.

Now any developer can use the Speak Here Now Platform to enable voice commands in their own application. When a user opens Speak Here Now and says a command, Speak Here Now will send out a custom intent based upon that command and any other application can be set to receive it. You can find out how to incorperate this into your own application on the Speak Here Now page.

In addition to making this an extendable platform, I've also updated how the Speak Here Now app itself is used. Instead of having a widget that you use to get to the voice prompt you can either just click on the application itself (there's no more white instruction page) or you can long press the Search button at the bottom of your phone. Hopefully this will make it easier to use the app when you need it, rather than just from the home screen.

I have also included the Google Voice Search command "listen to" in this version of Speak Here Now and it works the same as Google's original command. This way you don't have to switch voice applications each time you want to do something different. I'm considering adding all of the existing Voice Search commands, assuming that I can get all the intents that are used and their formatting. Google may not have published this for all of them, so we'll see. That's another reason I wanted to make Speak Here Now a platform, so that other could build upon what's already been done, and not have to reinvent the wheel.

You can download Speak Here Now from the menu on the right.