Speak Here Now

This is a project I've been excited about for a while now. Speak Here Now in its current form is a simple and elegant way to tweet completely with your voice.

You simply add the Speak Here Now widget to your home screen and then when you touch it you can speak your tweet, have it read back to you for errors, and give the OK to send it to your followers all with your voice.

This is pretty cool, and should help people keep their eyes on whatever they need to be doing and still be able to tweet. But what I'm really excited about is that this application will extend beyond just tweeting soon. There will be a growing list of commands that you'll be able to activate with your voice, similar to Google's Voice Actions.

However, unlike Google's Voice Actions, I will be making this extendable so you can write your own voice commands into your applications. Soon I will publish the Intent format so that your applications can start responding to spoken commands.

For now, I hope you enjoy being able to tweet hands free. Please feel free to let me know what commands you'd like to see in the future, as more are on their way. You can download the application to the right and see more about it here.