PokePrices API

I've started to make an API available for my PokePrices price guide site. Right now it's limited to read-only access to specific cards and searches of cards by name. You can read more about this API in the documentation.

In the future, I will be making available more data, including My Collection data.

Speak Here Now Beta

I've just opened up the Speak Here Now Beta community to anyone that would like to test out new and experimental versions of Speak Here Now. Currently, the beta version of the app is testing out bluetooth input.

You can join the beta community here.

After joining you can go here and accept the beta version of the app. Note that you may need to uninstall the old version of the app and reinstall the beta version a few hours after signing up to be in the beta program.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out in the Speak Here Now Beta community.