PokePrices Temporarily Shutting Down

On February 1, 2019 PokePrices will be shutting down for an indeterminate amount of time while it is re-built. PokePrices has been so much fun to make and use over the years, but in the recent months, there hasn’t been time to give it proper attention. It will be re-built from scratch some time in the future so that it will be easier to maintain and add features to.

Thanks to everyone who has supported PokePrices over the years. It will eventually be back, better than ever.

Tracking My Anime Goals

After finding a site that let me neatly display my Sun and Moon Pokedex progress so everyone could follow along, I wanted to find something that would do the same for the anime that are on my 2018 Goal List. I ended up finding watched.li.

It seems to give a pretty clean interface for keeping track of the shows I'm watching. It has the show's episodes already filled out, so I don't have to do any manual input other than checking off the ones I've watched. It also has a public profile so everyone can follow along with my progress. Keep up to date with how I'm doing here.

Sun and Moon Pokedex

So one of my goals this year is to complete various Pokedex. I'm starting with the Sun and Moon generation regional Pokedex. As I was going through and figuring out what Pokemon I still needed, it occurred to me that one of the main points that have always existed in Pokemon games was the ability to trade with friends to get Pokemon you didn't have. Rather than try and get every single Pokemon by catching, hatching, or evolving, why not get some by trading with all of my friends that have these games? In fact, some Pokemon you can only get via trading, so I'll have to trade anyway.

I looked around and found that there was a convenient online tool already for keeping track of what Pokemon I still needed. So I have created my SuMo Pokedex here at Pokedex Tracker where people can follow along with my progress and hopefully offer to help trade me some of the Pokemon I don't have.

Please feel free to message me and see about trading!